About Me

I am a passionate storyteller with a strong analytical mind. I work as a marketing professional, bringing all I have learned about storytelling to all my projects. I have a rare combination of highly conceptual, creative abilities and down to earth, practical action-oriented skills. I am a high energy, driven team player and leader, with a strong creative and analytical background, who thrives in a dynamic environment. I have the ability to inspire, create and deliver marketing transformation that focuses on customer acquisition and retention based on long term goals. I excel at building internal and external relationships and I am biased towards action.

I worked as a photographer, teacher and filmmaker for 10 years, learning how to tell a story visually, mastering the art of  breaking down complex concepts for anyone wishing to learn, and developing my leadership and team management skills. Art is my first love and we continue to have a life long affair.

Originally from Italy, I have lived in California all of my adult life and now feel at home among wild nature, expansive distances and driven innovators. I am a morning person, I read books (the kind printed on paper) and I can’t say No to a good movie.

This website is my online home, where you can find information and links to my past and present work.


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